You Can Vogue With Hats and Do Yoga With Scarves at the Hermés Pop-Up Gym

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Have you ever wanted your gym-going experience to be more luxurious? No, of course not, but that hasn’t stopped the lovers of all things lavish at Hermés from designing a traveling branded gym through their HermèsFit activation.

It’s as ridiculous as it sounds but undeniably eye-catching. Heavily featuring the iconic Hermés orange, of course, the gym space was developed in part by agency Chandelier Creative. It includes a juice bar, a rock climbing wall, a photo booth, and a boxing ring that converts into a dance floor between 6 PM and 8 PM.

The fitness classes offered at HermésFit are fittingly absurd, with grueling activities like voguing with hats, kickboxing with bracelets, and yoga with scarves. Obviously, all of the weights and dumbbells come monogrammed. We would shudder at the thought if they weren’t.

The activation has been touring major cities globally for the last two years, including Taipei and Shanghai, and has just wrapped up a stint in Brooklyn last month. It has now crossed the pond to return to Paris, where you can get your belt stretching on now through December 5th.

It’s official: the fitness industry and wellness culture have indeed gone too far.