I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Black Ice Cream—to Save the Australian Coastline, of Course!

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Australian vegan ice cream joint Pepita’s is putting their money where their plant-eating mouths are with a new campaign to raise awareness about the detriments of offshore drilling. With Australian agency All Good Collective in creative control and a partnership with Surfrider Foundation Australia, Pepita’s will release seven flavors of black ice cream to shock eaters into taking action.

100% of the profits generated from the sales of Pepita’s various black ice creams will support Surfrider Foundation’s #STOPPEP11 initiative, which aims to combat Petroleum Exploration Permit 11—a license that allows companies to drill for oil and gas along the Sydney Basin. PEP-11 poses an extreme threat to Australia’s coastline, as an oil spill or gas leak could destroy its wildlife, beaches, communities, local economies, and one of the world’s largest whale migration routes.

The whole concept devised by Pepita’s and company was to disrupt eaters’ expectations, using the shock factor of black ice cream to elicit reflection on the perils brought about by PEP-11. Accompanied by the catchy “Scoop it to stop it” tagline, the campaign will run for the next three months, with the various black flavors released periodically throughout. The first flavor out of the gate was Black Lemon & Lime, which hit shelves in conjunction with a proposed bill to the Australian Parliament to stop PEP-11. The ice cream cartons feature QR codes that direct customers to Surfrider Foundation’s online petition to support this bill.

Pepita’s has a vested interest in preserving Australia’s coastline, too. “Drilling offshore for fossil fuels will affect the sea, marine wildlife, our environment, and it will affect our business too,” states Pepita’s website. “Do you want to come enjoy an ice cream along a polluted and spoiled beach? We know we don’t.”

Nor do we, Pepita’s! Black ice cream for everyone!