Jack White Launches New Website Highlighting His Art & Design Work

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It's fair to say that The White Stripe's Jack White has always had a knack for ace design and craftsmanship. Before the duo had even cut a record, White worked as an upholsterer in his native Detroit, and his aesthetic choices were already on display as the company—Third Man Upholstery—only featured the colors yellow and black, from their work van and uniforms to the clipboards they carried.

He even hid albums in some of the furniture they reupholstered, though from the sounds of it, no one found any of these rare records yet.

Now, the Jimmy Page enthusiast has launched Jack White Art & Design, a website highlighting much of his artistic output of the non-musical variety, casting the spotlight on his visual and multimedia portfolio. The site features multiple categories and disciplines White has worked in, including graphic design, photography, furniture and upholstery, instruments, interior design, and even sculptures (though to be fair, two of them are dog houses, but they're pretty nifty dog houses).

“While White’s sculpture and upholstery have largely been confined to private work over the past twenty years, he’s further explored his design muse via his Third Man Records umbrella,” reads an artistic statement on the site. “Whether interiors, visuals for print, photography, industrial, film, or literally any combination of the bunch, White designs with purpose, with conviction, and with passion.”

While the mid-century-inspired furniture pieces and sculptures are a genuine treat, fans might prefer taking a stroll down memory lane, as he’s included several record covers and concert posters from the White Stripe’s heyday, showcasing a dabbler’s penchant for good-time xeroxing and fun with stickers, and honestly, can you remember a time when the Stripes were still in their little room? Also highlighted are several logos White created for his label Third Man Records and the box sets they helped develop that focus on Paramount Records' early years.