Jones Soda Revives Their Turkey & Gravy Flavor Ahead of the Holidays…Thanks?

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Every fall, we witness the annual resurrection of the polarizing pumpkin spice flavor. But this year, Jones Soda is shaking things up with the return of a different autumnal taste—Turkey & Gravy soda.

In advance of the holiday season, Jones Soda is reviving the novelty, savory soda for the first time in 10 years. There will be a limited release of 35,000 bottles of the flavor, which folks have described as “gag-inducing” and “intentionally challenging.” Enticing!

Jones isn’t new to the grotesque soda flavors game, having previously so graciously given us such delicacies as Bacon, Poutine, and Dirt. Nor is it their first foray into holiday-themed flavors either. They’ve already tried their hand at Green Bean Casserole and Christmas Ham soda varietals—just like mama used to make.

So why bring back the Turkey & Gravy flavor now? For the kids, of course! Jones’ CEO and president Mark Murray says, “We’ve taken enough of a breather from this flavor, and we think this is the right time to bring it back. There’s a whole generation—an entire demographic of Gen Z and younger millennials—that’s never tried it, but maybe just heard of it.”

Jones has made a few tweaks to the flavor since its original debut in 2003, but not in the service of its drinkability—don’t be silly! Instead, they’ve attempted to make the soda taste even more like Turkey & Gravy, and thus even more repulsive. The bottles’ labels don’t help the palatability either, featuring unappetizing photographs of turkey legs and lumpy mashed potatoes in the style of 70s food advertisements. 

At least Jones isn’t being coy with their intentions for this concoction, fully aware of its ridiculousness and leaning into an objectively gross concept for a soda flavor