It Finally Happened: This Keyboard Has Emoji Keys

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It’s official: emoji keyboards have arrived. 

Introducing the POP Keys keyboard from Logitech, a wireless mechanical keyboard with customizable emoji keys. POP Keys come in three distinct colorways dubbed Daydream (mint, lilac, white, and sunshine), Blast (black, grey, and “arcade game” yellow), and Heartbreaker (coral and raspberry), and you can purchase the corresponding POP Mouse to complete the set.

These keyboards are all about fun and self-expression, with eight swappable emoji keys which you can easily switch in and out. The design goes beyond colors and emojis, though, with carefully considered scooped round keys to match the shape of your fingertips for smooth typing. Not to mention these are typewriter-style mechanical keys, making for a satisfying clickety-clack soundtrack.

The retro-inspired look of POP Keys also comes with handy modern features like 12 FN shortcuts that let users easily snip a screen, use voice-to-text dictation, and mute their mic. The keyboards can also pair with up to three separate devices at once, so you can jump from your computer to your iPad to your phone and back again with a single tap.

In the grand scheme of modern tech frivolity, the POP Keys keyboard is harmless enough. It’s well-crafted and useful, and I’m all about anything that’ll spice up the work-from-home doldrums.