Mayoreo is the Stuff of Photoshop Nightmares

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This past week, the new flavor sensation that is Mayoreo arrived in stores, a tantalizing combination of Kraft Heinz Mayonnaise and Oreos.

Except it didn’t. It was a parody gone viral in the form of a doctored piece of Heinz packaging that resulted in a pretty real fact check from Snopes and another episode of brands meeting cute on Twitter, which will always be revolting. Get a room?

Maybe don’t get a room. No one wants to know how you make the Mayoreo sausage.

Heinz denied the existence of silky, 2nd best mayo and crunchy Oreos but admitted that it was an intriguing combination that was potentially worth exploring, tagging the much more followed cookie maker (950k vs. 57k) in the process because that’s how brands get more visibility and followers? The 21st century is weird, y’all.

Given Heinz’s proclivity for jamming seemingly disparate condiments into the same tube (because nothing sounds more appealing than the word Hanch), you almost can’t blame folks on the internet for thinking that Mayoreo wasn’t an actual product. And when I say almost, I mean you really can blame them because, as a nation, we’re not so good at doing facts.

Doctor Photograph has been making the stuff of photoshop nightmares since 2018, usually in the form of parody CD and DVD titles, but also vom-worthy flavor creations like nacho cheese covered Oreos and, my personal favorite, Monster Energy Soups. Cracking open the laptop and firing up Photoshop to make faux products is a genuinely good time and relatively easy to pull off. Sometimes, you even design a minimalist Dorito’s redesign, and you can trick consumers into thinking it’s the real McCoy.

Anywho, it’s good business for Doctor Photograph, and we had a pleasant mild distraction indeed, didn’t we now? Now, will someone please make a meme that gets us universal healthcare?