Monotype Looks Beyond Borders And Releases Avenir Next World

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Avenir, a geometric sans type, was originally designed by Swiss Adrian Frutiger. Thanks to its legibility and design that has color top of mind, it's been popularized by its use by Bloomberg, Spotify, Girl Scouts, and more recently, streaming service Disney+. Released in 1988 by Linotype, it has lived to its French translation, “future.” It was last updated back in 2002 as Avenir Next by Monotype creative director Akira Kobayashi, paving the way for its use in all things digital and print. Now, they’ve announced their latest configuration.

The new iteration, Avenir Next World, updates the iconic typeface with consistency across different languages while maintaining the same character and intent, giving global brands an attractive option for their brand identities. The expansion supports over 150 languages, including Thai, Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, and Armenian.

“Avenir Next World will work well for products and brands with a clean and open image,” said Kobayashi in a press release. “Its letterforms are designed extremely carefully, so they do not distract the reader’s attention away from the text.”

“With Avenir Next World, companies can now communicate in many different languages with perfectly coordinated typography. This impressively harmonious extension of Adrian Frutiger's and Akira Kobayashi's popular Avenir Next typeface family greatly simplifies its international use. What's more, new weights have been added to allow for an even more finely-graded typeface appearance in all applications," said Henning Krause, senior Monotype library product manager, in the same press release.

Avenir Next World is available in 10 weights and two new styles. It's currently 50% off for the complete set at until March 12th. The new type is also available from Monotype Fonts.