Off-White Introduces a Beauty Brand with Fragrances Developed by Virgil Abloh

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Nearly every brand seems to be getting in on the booming beauty industry these days, and now noted fashion label Off-White has been added to that list. The Italian luxury brand founded by the late Virgil Abloh has just unveiled “PAPERWORK,” a genderless beauty line designed to celebrate individuality, diversity, and self-expression.   

“The first beauty collection from Off-White™ manifests Virgil Abloh’s vision of a blank canvas to inspire endless creativity,” reads the Off-White website. “Designed to encourage human potential, ‘PAPERWORK’ provides a toolkit for self-expression, whatever form that may take.” The tools within this toolkit include SOLUTION fragrances, IMPRINT face and body solid pigments, and COLOR MATTER nail polishes. The collection has launched first with the SOLUTION fragrances, with the IMPRINT and COLOR MATTER products still to come. 

“PAPERWORK” aligns with the boundary-pushing persona of the Off-White brand at large, invoking a “non-conformist ethos” to encourage users to express themselves beyond the confines of traditional beauty standards. With “PAPERWORK,” Off-White aims to introduce “a new dimension of beauty as a genderless, inclusive art form at the intersection of humanity and individuality.”

This original line of SOLUTION perfume is composed of four distinct fragrances— 01, 02, 03, and 04— each developed by Abloh himself, along with expert perfumers Alexis Dadier, Sidonie Lancesseur, and Jérôme Epinette. 01 is a sand-inspired scent that’s infused with Ho Wood and bergamot top notes with a vetiver and patchouli core. 02 is joyful and fresh, featuring citrus and ginger that’s offset by a woody base. The 03 fragrance taps into lust and desire with notes of rose, pepper, and musk, and 04 is imbued with eucalyptus, bamboo, and palo santo with a leathery base. 

The SOLUTION bottles themselves are noteworthy in their own right, with large red caps designed to look like the faucet bibbs found on the valves of water spigots. Each 100 ml bottle is priced at $185 a pop, and are available for purchase now on Off-White and Farfetch.