Pantone and Highland Spring Release a Helpful Pee Chart Because Y’all Need to Hydrate

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I've always found it oddly captivating that the color of urine is a visual image of how your body is doing. Dehydrated? Remembered to take your Vitamin B pill? These are just two things that will fluctuate the shade of your pee, but the list is endless.

Before you think I've gone absolutely crazy in telling you my weird bodily fascinations, wait until you hear what Pantone is up to. Not only will it make my ramblings seem a little bit more on the average side of things, but it'll inspire you to keep on chugging the water that you most likely keep trading for a glass of ice-cold beer.

Pantone, the genius behind the global authority for color communication and inspiration since 1963, and Highland Spring, a Scottish supplier of bottled water, have teamed up to create the most exciting collaboration called the Pee Healthy Guide. Based on guidance from nutritionist Lily Soutter, who uses the NHS Nutrition and Dietetic Urine Color chart, they've created a downloadable color scale that'll help you chart your hydration levels through five essential hues.

All of the shades are labeled with quirky sayings like "Dry Spell" and "Highland Spring in Your Step" and are sure to inspire you to keep on downing that delicious spring water. So next time you go to the bathroom, be sure to analyze the shade in the bowl. You might be surprised by your discoveries.