PANTONE Reveals First-Ever Skin Tone Validation Technology

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To kick off the new year right, PANTONE released their latest color innovation: Pantone SkinTone Validated. It’s still patent-pending, but the program will allow display, TV, mobile device, and printer manufacturers to test devices for authentically producing skin tones from the Pantone SkinTone Guide.

Pantone developed the SkinTone Guide using thousands of human skin measurements from a diverse group of subjects, cataloging 110 hues in the process. As such, it’s the first scientifically-based guide for matching and reproducing life-like skin tones. Devices that pass muster with the new SkinTone Validated system will get marked with a seal of approval in the form of a white check on a multi-skin-tone background symbol.

SkinTone Validated is an extension of the existing Pantone Validated certification program, which similarly detects whether an electronic display or print device can accurately reproduce the color standards from the Pantone Matching System.

BenQ Displays is one of the first manufacturers to pilot SkinTone Validated on their products and have already gotten two of their monitors verified.

SkinTone Validated is a much-needed new technology that underscores PANTONE’s commitment to inclusivity and representation, ensuring that folks of all pigmentation are accurately portrayed and celebrated.