SK-II Partners With The Andy Warhol Foundation For a Celebratory Technicolored Product Line

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SK-II is a skincare brand built around an empowerment ethos, one that speaks to a young audience. In doing so, they release limited edition lines of their SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in collaboration with other brands meant to appeal to them with a message of affirmation.

For their most recent drop, SK-II partnered with The Andy Warhol Foundation and looked to the UK-based creative agency LOVE for the inclusive concept, technicolored visual identity, and packaging design.

LOVE took a deep dive into the Andy Warhol archives for the project, reviving his progressive and inclusive take on beauty to use as the backbone of the PITERA™ Essence Andy Warhol Limited Edition campaign. Much like SK-II, Warhol found beauty in everyone, stating that “If everyone isn’t beautiful, then no one is;” “All is pretty;” and “I’ve never met a person I couldn’t call a beauty.” These quotes now adorn the product line’s packaging and serve as the central theme for the collaboration.

The other core of the collab revolves around Warhol’s passion for broadcast media. The boundary-pushing artist had his own MTV cable shows, along with a reputation for questioning and critiquing the relationship between art and mass media. LOVE took this and ran with it for the aesthetics of the packaging and branding, designing gift set boxes that allude to VHS tapes and analog TVs, and using television technicolor test pattern motifs throughout the line.

The limited-edition packs come in three different colorways and feature Warhol’s quotes, signature, and a QR code that unlocks other SK-II “broadcasts.”

The rallying cry for the campaign is “broadcast your beauty,” connecting all of its various elements in a slogan that’s equally punchy and uplifting.