Elon Musk’s New SpaceX Logo is a Knockoff of a Scottish Soccer Team’s Crest

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Another day, another ridiculous case of Elon Musk making headlines. So what’d the megalomaniac do this time? 

He stole the crest of a lower league amateur Scottish soccer club, of course! I bet you didn’t have that one your Elon Musk Gaffes bingo card, did ya? 

Musk recently revealed the new logo for his rocket launching company, SpaceX, via a post on X (a.k.a. the platform formerly known as Twitter). The design quickly made its way across the pond to the Haddington Town AFC faithful, for its similarities to their team’s crest— both designs feature the profile view of a goat in white within a circle, which are virtually identical in style.  

Haddington Town are based in East Lothian and compete in the East of Scotland League Premier Division. They were founded in 2019 and have had the same goat logo since their conception, as the goat has served as an emblem of the town and appeared on the town’s coat of arms for centuries (since 1200). According to game updates on Haddington Town’s X account, the team isn’t the most formidable, often struggling to even field a full squad of 11 players, and recently winning their first game of the season only because their opponent fielded an “ineligible” player, which automatically awarded Haddington Town a 3-0 victory. 

But with the global spotlight suddenly on their humble team, Haddington Town is making the most of the moment. They’ve taken to X with a flurry of tongue-in-cheek responses to Musk, and are ultimately taking the high road despite many encouraging them to sue. 

“We don’t want legal action, we welcome Elon to our squad,” they shared on X on September 15. “From almost folding in the Summer to @elonmusk ’s favourite football team. What a ride🚀 #spaceX,” they added. The club’s self-deprecatory humor has been the real star of the show throughout all of this, as their hits just keep on coming with winners like, “Current status: More articles than points ✅” and “Our DMs are open Elon Musk. Come fund our new tracksuits.” Haddington Town even shared a mock-up of a kit featuring both the SpaceX wordmark and the club’s logo (or is it the SpaceX logo…) on a starry, galaxy-patterned jersey. 

It’s rare to see the victim of stolen intellectual property respond so favorably to a situation like this, but it seems Haddington Town is simply relishing the exposure they’re garnering from the whole thing, and are loving the opportunity to flex their comedic chops. Musk himself has often tried to execute a similar type of humor on X, yet has always failed. Sorry, Musk, you might be able to steal their crest, but you won’t be able to steal Haddington Town’s charm.