Danish Orange Soda, Squash, Gets A Fresh New Can Design Suitable For The Young Soda Swiller

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The Danish have a lot of things figured out (Hello, universal healthcare, affordable higher education, and paternity leave!), not to mention they’re impossibly beautiful, understand the significance of prioritizing coziness (or as they call it, hygge), and take their drinking very seriously. Carlsberg is a testament to that dedication, serving as Denmark’s hallmark brewery since 1847 and establishing itself as a staple within Denmark’s national pastime for well over a century.

Naturally, most of Carlsberg’s signature drinks are alcoholic, but one non-alcoholic varietal in their arsenal has been a fizzy mainstay since 1936: Tuborg Squash. To bring this orange soda to the 21st century, the Danish agency Everland recently stepped in with designer and typographer Jonathan Faust and Copenhagen-based creative studio Another to give the Squash can a modern makeover.

The brief called for an updated design appealing to a younger consumer base but also retaining notes of the drink’s legacy so as not to alienate existing fans. Further, the new packaging needed to visually embody the signature refreshing and citrusy taste of Squash.

To fill this brief, Everland and company looked to the central mythology of this beloved Danish soda, the “two-orange rule,” which simply states that in every can of Squash, there is the equivalent of two oranges. The agency seized this fun fact and incorporated it into their design, which features two oranges—one appears as the round label shape on the center of the can encircling the Squash wordmark, with the other a bit more subtle, placed inside the crown on top of the label.

You can find the most significant evolution in the can design within the new Squash logotype, which now features playful lines with smooth, liquid-like letterforms. And if you look close enough, you’ll notice the “S” letters smiling back at you with orange-wedge mouths.

There’s no denying that this new Squash look is fun and bubbly while maintaining the classy sophistication of a legacy brand. While most 86-year-olds have thrown in the towel, it’s inspiring to see this old-timer still striving for freshness.