Studiocult’s Cheeky New Sunglasses Look Like They’re Made of Old Film

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As consumers in the death grip of capitalism, it’s always refreshing to come across a brand that’s shaking things up and having some fun with their products. Millennial darling Studiocult is doing just that with their clever, nostalgic accessories inspired by mundane objects. 

Creative Director Yuliya Veligurskaya‘s innovative team is well-known for bringing a healthy dose of whimsy to practical items. “All of the pieces are inspired by everyday objects and crumbs of shared memories,” Studiocult writes on their site. Their witty trinket redesigns have clearly captured the public imagination, and you may have seen their purses inspired by binder clips and plastic bread bag tags on your social media feeds.

Studiocult continues in this vein with the Still Frame Sunglasses, a collaboration with conceptual artist Gab Bois. The design literalizes the lenses of film by turning them into sleek sunglasses that come in brown and gray. “One of my goals for this year is to make more physical/wearable products from my ideas and this is only the first step in that direction,” reflects Bois on her Instagram. 

The lenses feature one-way visible overlays of original negatives from Bois herself. They’re also made from composite nylon that provides UV 400 protection, which covers 99-100% of UV rays. The arms of the glasses are matte-finish stainless steel with spring-hinge temples, and the rubber nose pads are adjustable. 

Of course, the overall concept for these frames wouldn’t be complete without equally thoughtful packaging. Naturally, Studiocult has designed a vintage film storage box for the glasses, along with a color checker cleaning cloth. 

These cheeky frames are available now in both colors on the Studiocult website for $175 a piece.