Therapist Casey Tanner and Firebelly Design Are Giving Therapy a Queer New Look

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The services and systems in America are too often designed through a heteronormative lens that primarily benefits the straight, white, and male. Sex therapist Casey Tanner hopes to create an antidote to this pervasive issue in the form of The Expansive Group, a radically-inclusive counseling practice that provides therapy and trauma-informed care through a queer lens. 

The non-binary therapist is on a mission to inspire meaningful change around sexuality and empower people on their journey to self-discovery, so they needed a strong visual identity in order to achieve these important goals. Tanner brought on the creative studio Firebelly Design to create vibrant branding systems for their many projects: The Expansive Group, their Instagram account @queersextherapy, and their growing personal consulting practice.

First, Firebelly worked with Tanner to identify the relationship between the disparate entities of their business, then created a cohesive look and feel that united these fragmented offerings. In doing so, they developed a new cooperative brand model that reflects the crossover of Tanner’s various projects in their shared purpose and overlapping audience groups, while communicating their distinct names and purposes. 

Firebelly will gradually roll out the entirety of their work for Tanner, and recently unveiled The Expansive Group identity and website as the first pieces of the puzzle. “As The Expansive Group represents the most personal and intimate of the offerings, Firebelly focused on conveying supportive confidence that inspires trust and puts folks at ease,” the Firebelly team said. “Through a flexible set of type styles and color palettes, the system turns the visual volume up and down across the brands.”