‘The Unamerican Dream’ Photo Series Reimagines 1950s Magazine Covers To Include Black Women

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“What could the ‘American Dream’ have looked like for the Black woman in the 1950s?”

That is the central question at the core of Schön! Magazine’s new online exclusive photo series, “The Unamerican Dream”.

It’s undeniable that the 1950s were a whitewashed decade, with Black women in particular barely portrayed in mass media. Films, TV shows, ads, and magazines egregiously erased the Black experience, perpetuating a vision of the American Dream that was exclusively white. “The Unamerican Dream” interrogates that past.

From photographer Sezen Tezic in partnership with fashion and creative director Rebecca O’Rourke, the project seeks to rewrite our skewed American history, conceiving of Vogue magazine covers with a Black woman as the subject.

Through this collection of stunning editorial photographs featuring model Friday Chuol, Tezic and O’Rourke have created a revisionist history that is inclusive, inspiring, and staggeringly beautiful.