Tiffany & Co. Collabs With Wilson For A Tiffany Blue Super Bowl LVI Football

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Longtime purveyor of luxury Tiffany & Co. has crafted the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the Super Bowl since 1967. Taking four months to complete, the trophy is composed of seven pounds of sterling silver in the form of a regulation-sized football. For Super Bowl LVI, Tiffany and Co. partnered with Wilson to take their craftsmanship and longstanding relationship with the NFL in a very different direction.

Together, Tiffany and Co. and Wilson have designed a new football for the NFL to commemorate yesterday’s big game. What makes it so unique? The dimpled leather is Tiffany Blue, of course!

For a brand that’s all about exclusivity, naturally, this ball isn’t available to just anyone. Only a few celebrities have been deemed worthy of the limited-edition football, including avid sports aficionado Kim Kardashian. 

Of course, it’s not the first time the heritage jewelry brand has dipped its bejeweled toes in the waters of sports equipment. Tiffany and Co. Japan previously released a sporty capsule collection for a pop-up at their Tokyo Cat Street location, which featured a Tiffany Blue Spalding basketball, soccer ball, and Gilbert rugby ball.

While this football is undeniably frivolous, I’m all for injecting more color and fun into the world of professional sports equipment that’s otherwise dominated by drab neutrals. Neon pink baseballs? Let’s do it. Lime green lacrosse balls? I’m not mad at it. Toile-patterned basketballs? Oh, hell yeah.