Typography for the Win: ‘Abstract’ and Hoefler Headed to the Emmys

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We’ve long lauded the Netflix series Abstract for the innovative way it brings an understanding of design to the masses via its practitioners—and so we’re elated that it has received recognition on the most massive of stages.

The nominations of the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards were announced this week, and with them came a nod to Abstract in the Outstanding Main Title Design category.

The show is nominated for its episode on Jonathan Hoefler, which began by making inspired use of the many typefaces in Hoefler&Co’s stable.

Abstract is created by Godfrey Dadich Partners, founded by former Wired editor Scott Dadich and Patrick Godfrey. As the firm writes, they’re particularly pleased to receive the nomination for title design, which they’re “a tad obsessed” with.

“How to begin a story can be the hardest part of telling one—that proverbial blank page—so getting the credits just right sets the tone for the whole show.”

Abstract will be in good company as it faces off against Carnival Row, Godfather of Harlem, The Morning Show, The Politician, Watchmen and Westworld. Results will be announced at the Emmys on Sept. 20.

Check out the title sequence below. (And if you haven’t read Hoefler’s “Inside Abstract” article, we highly encourage you to do so here.)

Executive Producers: Scott Dadich, Morgan Neville, Dave O’Connor

Director: Brian Oakes

Motion Graphics Producer: Paula Chowles

Creative Director: Allie Fisher

Motion Graphics Designer: Anthony Zazzi