Wix Announces Official Launch Of Editor X

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Editor X, the powerful platform for creative and web professionals by Wix.com, has officially launched.

Editor X’s beta release comes after a year of improvements and added features to the already 200,000-strong user base. Editor X allows team members to concurrently design and work on a website simultaneously. The new platform allows precise control at every breakpoint, CMS integration, advanced code editing, and e-commerce solutions.

Customers and visitors visit websites across many devices these days, creating a genuinely adaptive website that looks great and exactly as intended used to be expensive and complex. Wix.com’s Editor X allows professionals to control how different page elements interact with each other at different breakpoints. Editor X includes smart docking for page elements, pinning, animations, control overflow, even choose different behavior based on screen size. Wix.com’s new platform also incorporates control of copy flow and built-in image editing.

“Editor X is a dream come true for a designer—I have the complete flexibility to create and can manage every aspect of design on the platform, which makes my workflow much more efficient than it used to be,” said Andrea Beaulieu, creative director of Studio Linear, an NYC based creative agency, via press release. "Working within the music industry, we need to be on top of emerging web design trends because a website is an extension of a client's branding."

To learn more and start creating using the new powerful Editor X platform, visit EditorX.com.