Jan/Feb 2007 Table of Contents

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Door PolicyAs the face of Europe changes and religious tensions mount, immigrants to the Netherlands discover that tolerance can look a lot like hate. BY EMILY GORDON

Neue Berlin Long defined by cut-and-paste club “fly posters” of the ’90s, Berlin design has grown up-but it’s keeping its independent spirit and connection to the street. BY ALICE TWEMLOW

Mother Tongue In São Paulo, Brazil, the Museum of the Portuguese Language vividly unites language and cultural identity.


Treasure Island In a Caribbean nation, vernacular and fine art have a lot in common. BY MELANIE ARCHER

Nowhere Man High-flying artist? Man of the streets? Whoever Banksy wants to be, he’s keeping it a secret for now. BY JAMES GADDY

Ray Fenwick, Boy Genius A weird and meticulous talent in Halifax, Canada, has won over the web. Call him The Chosen.


Sacred Tech Ranjit Makkuni is using sophisticated technology to change how we interact with computers. In the process, he’s taking traditional Indian beliefs back to the future. BY DAVID WOMACK

Speaking in Scratch French designer Laurent Burte’s inventive transcriptions bring dynamic visual form to freestyle music.


Found in Translation Three compellingly designed magazines focused on the Middle East reveal the diverse cultural life of an often misunderstood region. BY JEREMY LEHRER


CONTRIBUTORS Where we’re calling from.F.O.B. An eye-opening exhibition in Paris, customized trucks in Pakistan, handbag handbooks, and more.

MONOLOGUE All Together Now Maybe it’s time to give universal design another try. BY ELLEN LUPTON AND JULIA LUPTON

OBSERVER Perfect 10 (or 12) The publication of designers’ reading lists turns out to be a real page-turner. BY RICK POYNOR

DIALOGUE Chaz Maviyane-Davies, social activist, designer, educator.INTERVIEW BY STEVEN HELLER

IN PRINT Vol. 3/no. 2 Comics’ ancient roots were explored in a 1942 issue of PRINT. Comics? In a serious arts journal? BY MARTIN FOX

DESKTOP One Cellular Sensation BY JEFF HOWE Plus: Webby bookworms, Russian type, and a fresh phone font.BOOKS Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation, by Amid AmidiREVIEW BY JOHN CANEMAKER

America by the Yard: Cirkut Camera, by Robert B. MacKayREVIEW BY BRIAN SHOLIS

Century Girl, by Lauren RednissREVIEW BY JOHANNA DRUCKER



RDA 2006Our Regional Design Annual includes more than 400 designs from the past year, divided by region. Read the introductions and see samples from all six sections: Far West, Southwest, Midwest, South, East, and New York City. Joyce Rutter’s Kaye gives an introduction, and Michael Musto reviews Spy: The Funny Years.


SEP/OCT 2006The Digital Design Annual: results from our interactive competition, profiles from the Pacific Rim, and our business graphics winners. Plus, the weird world of PES, the return of psychedelia, and a review of Comics as Art.