July/August 2007 Table of Contents

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The Consumption IssueThe role designers play in driving spending, saving, and activism.BY JOYCE RUTTER KAYE

Buildings and PeopleMarketers are shaping the luxury-condo craze with high-concept campaigns. Welcome to the branded life.BY CAITLIN DOVER

This Years ModelDexter Sinister is a design studio, publisher, bookseller, and creative hub—all from one basement in New York City.BY EDWARD LOVETT

Pink & BlueTwo photos and a host of facts illustrate the dramatic ways in which two shades can color children’s worlds.BY REBECCA BENGAL; PHOTOGRAPHS BY JEON MEE YOON

Poppin Fresh RetailBono, Isaac Mizrahi, Time Warner, and Nike are all part of an emerging retail trend that captures consumers’ hearts with a new take on planned obsolescence.BY BRUCE N. WRIGHT

The ObsessivesA week’s worth of time, money, and resources—gone in a flash? Four artists known for their clever online record-keeping show us how they spent all 604,800 seconds.INTRODUCTION BY EMILY GORDON

Shadow BoxerAll James Harvey wanted was to make fine art. Thanks to Andy Warhol, he did—anonymously.BY JAMES GADDY

Gee, Youre Stinky!The intimate questions of postwar advertising fanned body insecurity into flames of paranoia.BY STEVEN HELLER

Total FakersYou say that like it’s a bad thing. But for Schein Berlin, designing fake products for TV and film is very, very good.BY JUDE STEWART


CONTRIBUTORS Where we’re calling from.

F.O.B. The New Yorker’s extreme web makeover, monkeys in Scotland, Don Imus’s yellow muzzle, and more.

SHELF LIFE“Icerocks” doesn’t, the Arcade Fire lights up a Bible, and Sean Wilsey talks about Hell.

MONOLOGUE Excess is Less In a wasteful age, faux simplicity masks our overindulgence.BY AKIKO BUSCH

OBSERVER Cover Me The current attention paid to book jackets confirms their allure as havens of graphic invention.BY RICK POYNOR

NEWSSTANDSweet Charity Can new magazines focused on social change do well while they do good? BY RHONDA RUBINSTEIN

DIALOGUEStephen Duncombe, social historian.INTERVIEW BY STEVEN HELLER

IN PRINTVol. 1/no. 1 In 1940, PRINT took an exasperated look at consumer antipathy toward wallpaper design.BY MARTIN FOX

DESKTOP The Constant Reader The Times goes digital (again).BY ANDREW BLUMBOOKS300% Cotton, by Helen Walters; Fandomania, by Elena Dorfman; Great American Billboards, by Fred E. Basten; The Art of the Band T-Shirt, by Amber Easby and Henry Oliver; Vintage Rock T-Shirts, by Seth Weisser, Gerard Maione, and Johan Kugelberg; TheVirtuous Consumer, by Leslie Garrett; Core Memory, by JohnAlderman and Mark Richards; The New Erotic Photography,edited by Dian Hanson and Eric KrollREVIEW BY AARON BRITT

Shuffle, by Christian MarclayREVIEW BY BRIAN SHOLIS

Otl Aicher, by Markus RathgebREVIEW BY RICHARD DOUBLEDAY

New and Used, edited by Marc Joseph and Damon KrukowskiREVIEW BY BUZZ POOLE

MARKETPLACEDesign, With a Side of Fries A national museum of graphic design may be as close as the ’burbs.BY JANDOS ROTHSTEIN

Trash, TransferredBY STEVEN HELLER