Video: Kramers Ergot

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Kramers Ergot in Brooklyn on Vimeo.

On the occasion of the much-anticipated Kramers Ergot 7, the latest installment in the avant-garde comics anthology series edited by cartoonist Sammy Harkham, Bill Kartalopoulos interviewed Harkham and several of the book’s contributing artists to discuss thechallenges and opportunities behind this uniquely formatted landmarkanthology project. Inspired by Sunday Press Books’ recent volumes reprinting classic comic strips at their original size, the book is a mammoth 16 x 21” clothbound, full-color 96-page hardcover featuring all-new work from a dazzling range of artists, both established and new. To launch the book, Harkham led a seven-city North American tour of independent book stores and comic book shops.

When they came to Brooklyn’s Desert Island Books last November, Harkham and 13 other artists signed limited-edition bookplates for six consecutive hours. The results have been edited together with photographs from the evening’s proceedings into the short video above.

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