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If you’re going to be in quarantine, you may as well have a healthy supply of Quarantype on hand.

When the team at Florence, Italy–based Zetafonts found themselves isolated at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, they channeled their anxiety into designing letters—and then decided to spread some good karma by releasing the sum toll of their efforts online for free.

Developed in a mere three weeks (!), the team is now offering 10 free typefaces for download. “Although playful and excessive, these typefaces all stem from our current research in contemporary trends and historical design solutions, bridging calligraphy and design,” the team says.

Free for both personal and commercial use, the only thing Zetafonts is asking in return is to share some good karma of your own, and to consider a donation to the Italian Red Cross.

Everything zen, indeed. Pick up the fonts here.

Design by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Maria Chiara Fantini, Andrea Tartarelli And Francesco Canovaro With Debora Manetti

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