Bridging Boomers and Millennials with “Millenniheirs”

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ThoughtMatter has always gone about their branding and design work a bit more thoughtfully than most—and so it comes as no surprise that their self-initiated project, the podcast Millenniheirs, has given us a lot to think about.

Originally launched in 2017 as a research project to rebuff the stereotype that millennials are entitled and lazy, the show explored the generation’s optimism, resilience, embrace of diversity and more.

Now, Millenniheirs has expanded its concept and approach with season two, which launched in December. We’ll let the following delightfully collaged GIF explain:

As ThoughtMatter writes, “Generational stereotyping and griping is so 2008. It’s a pivotal time for us to get past cultural divides and build trust between generations.”

How has that manifested?

Teachers from multiple generations discussing work in the classroom.

ThoughtMatter · Talk Less, You’re Going to Hear More

A Gen Z-er and a baby boomer discussing the miasma of misinformation.

ThoughtMatter · In Information We Trust?

A discussion featuring members of the food and beverage industry on post-pandemic distribution models.

ThoughtMatter · On Connection In The Absence of Intimacy

Multigenerational voters debating how to rebuild the American economy.

ThoughtMatter · Nothing Moves Unless Power Shifts

Two more episodes in the season are forthcoming—and we can’t wait to hear what bridges they build, and what insights they incite.

Check out the full series here.