How Do You Brand For a Community?

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The latest episode: Creating a Brand for a Community

Here’s more from the Design is Everywhere team:

What does it look like to brand for a community?

You may be familiar with the impact of branding, but what does it look like when a brand can help connect a community to its mission? In this episode, Sam meets with Nadia Husain, design director at

Trollbäck+Company to learn how their team collaborated with Mixteca, a Brooklyn community-based organization that addresses the health, educational, and legal needs of New York’s Latin American immigrant community. Nadia shares her design process and how she approaches translating values into brand values. Later on in the show, they are joined by Maria Carolina Simon, the vice president of DEI at CFW Careers and Board Co-Chair at Mixteca. Maria talks about how she joined Mixteca and the collaboration process with the team at Trollbäck+Company to make Mixteca’s vision come to life. Together, they discuss what a shift in brand identity has done to grow the organization’s reach.