“My Empty Place”—a Virtual Collaboration

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Family and friends. Sometimes we take them for granted.

But it’s terrible when we can’t be with them in person.

On March 29, I posted an invitation to a virtual event called “My Empty.” I invited relatives and friends to (safely) take pictures of their deserted neighborhood or street, or the outside of a place they used to hang out. The results follow.

Who are these contributors?

Barbara Staurset lived around the corner from my family in Inglewood, California, since kindergarten. Karen Champion Stewart was my co-editor of the Inglewood High School yearbook. Yan Zhang Miller is my daughter-in-law. Edna Kornberg and Susie Brubaker are good neighbors from more than 25 years of living in Irvington, NY. I met Farnoush Safavi in the frame drum world. Yossi Meiri is one of our Israeli cousins. Erik Goldman and K’lila Nooning are friends from Romemu synagogue in New York City. Anne Telford is one of my editors at Communication Arts magazine.

I met the others at design conferences or when interviewing them for articles in Graphis, Communication Arts and PRINT—and they’ve remained friends ever since.

Some say COVID-19 is the great equalizer. I’m not sure that’s true. But it surely is the bringer-together in ways we never considered before.

Take a look.

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