7 Books & Resources on Package Design

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Lately I’ve been inspired by some of the extraordinary design work from the 2015 Regional Design Annual—particularly some of the epic package designs I’ve seen.

For Sale: Over 200 Innovative Solutions in Packaging Design

By John Foster

Packaging is a core design topic with constantly changing trends. For Sale showcases packaging designs from 50 top firms. 15 firms are showcased with several spreads of work samples and an in-depth interview to capture their creative process and best advice. Profiles include noted packaging designers Wink, Sub Pop, Werner Design Werks, Starbucks, Modern Dog, Turner Duckworth, Art Chantry, Fossil, Invisible Creature and more. Get it here.


Paper Folding Templates for Print Design

Formats, Techniques and Design Considerations for Innovative Paper Folding

By Trish Witkowski

In Paper Folding Templates for Print Design, the industry expert on folding, Trish Witkowski of foldfactory.com, gives you tips and tricks for mastering the art of paper folding. She starts with the basics and moves on to advanced concepts, giving you low to high budget options. If you’re on a budget, no problem. If you’ve got a particularly special project, she’ll show you how to make it look amazing, sparing no expense. Get it here.

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Best Practices for Graphic Designers: Packaging

By Grip

Best Practices for Graphic Designers, Packaging by Grip guides you through the entire packaging process from strategy and concept development, through selecting suitable materials, naming systems, considering the competition, assessing the shelf landscape and more. Gather strategic insights on all facets of package design. This helpful guide utilizes a range of case studies and examples, including practical real-world information about client and vendor relationships. Get it here.



By Kim Carlson

Today, many companies are flourishing by delivering high-quality products while pursuing policies that leave the world a cleaner, better place. Those policies can help retain customers, energize employees, and serve as brand-building tools. This book shows managers practical steps to make their companies environmentally responsible while staying profitable and efficient. Environmentalist and businesswoman Kim Carlson shows managers how to green company operations by moving to a paperless office, recycling at work, setting up employee carpools, developing eco-friendly packaging, using green building products, and more. She explains in detail topics ranging from green marketing to setting up a carbon footprint assessment for the company. With this book at their side, managers can turn green into profits. Get it here.

Cool Beer Labels

By Daniel Bellon & Steven Speeg

Whether you drink beer or not, the recent growth of the craft brewing industry and its popularity is undeniable. What better way is there to celebrate the increase of breweries than to admire one of the aspects that makes these beers great: their label design? Featuring well-designed labels from craft and small breweries from around the world, Cool Beer Labels by Daniel Bellon and Steven Speeg demonstrates how commercialized packaging design can be elevated to a whole new level. Not only will you get a chance to peruse these label designs, but you’ll also find interviews with those involved in their design process, like the owner, master brewer, or designer of the packaging. Get a taste of quality packaging design, and great beer, and delve into an exploration of fun design and a celebration of the craft brew culture. Get it here.



The Package Pricing Bundle

By Ilise Benun

Do you wish you could convince clients to pay what you’re worth? Want to be confident in your use of value-based pricing, package pr
icing, tiered pricing, and retainers? Need real examples of how other creatives are pricing profitably? The new pricing tool from Marketing Mentor, The Package Pricing Bundle, will show you how to take charge of your business. Here’s the wealth of information you get in this 80-page PDF download:

  1. The Art and Science of Pricing: Real World Pricing Strategies and Techniques

  2. How To Do Value-Based Pricing

  3. Pricing Insights from HOW Design Live 2014

  4. What is package pricing?

  5. Is Package Pricing Right For You?

  6. 8 Steps to Package Your Creative Services

  7. Retainers are Packages Too!

  8. 3 Tiered Pricing = Custom Package

  9. Interview with Laura Foley, Presentation Designer

  10. Three Sample Packages + Podcast and Transcripts


By the Editors of Print Magazine

In this download from Print magazine, professional designers, design students and packaging design professionals all benefit from an inside look at the packaging that works. From examples of high-end designs to information on the challenges of crafting sustainable packages, creatives learn everything they need to know in order to start their own projects. Get it here.