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The ability to overcome the limitations of web safe fonts was once a dream for many web designers and marketing professionals. Now, the idea of “safe” web fonts is no longer an issue for designers, and web typography is richer than ever.

In his HOWU course, Web Typography, Patrick McNeil will teach you the practical application of traditional typographic methods to the web. You’ll learn all about the practical application of web typography and the ways it can enhance your designs.

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Creative web typography is integral to design. Better typographic control means you have limitless potential for designs and branding. It not only provides a consistent corporate identity over all channels without the need to convert text into images, but it also gives web designers the creative freedom they need and want to design for the web. Learn how to take advantage of that freedom in this course.

Learn How to Implement Web Typography

As a designer, you already know how typography works. But how much do you know about web typography?

Through in-depth lessons on appropriate HTML and CSS code, custom web fonts and services, jQuery plugins and much more, Patrick will show you what it takes to implement web typography.

In Web Typography, you’ll learn the fundamental CSS properties for online typography, and you’ll explore HTML needs in planning for web typography. Patrick will teach you how to work with external web font services and understand how they work, and he’ll demonstrate how to implement jQuery plugins to enhance your online type.

You’ll also explore custom web fonts and services to understand how they work. Four weeks of in-depth lessons will culminate in your ability to create the best web fonts.

Experienced designers who want to improve their web design skills or focus their knowledge of web typography will receive an invaluable boost in their web design skills in this comprehensive course.

This course will not cover the basics of writing code and markup, so some experience is required to participate. You should be comfortable implementing jQuery plugins and working with basic JavaScript.

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Still not sure if this course is right for you? Patrick put together a web cast to help you understand what the Web Typography course is all about. Watch it below: