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Erwin Schrödinger

How do you celebrate the 126th birthday of a quantum physicist? Google’s imaginative designers incorporated a cool logo design into the Google logo that depicts Austrian physicist and Nobel Prize winner, Erwin Schrödinger’s, thought experiment typically referred to as Schrödinger’s cats.

Back in 2011, 33 of the brightest minds in physics could not agree on a definition of what quantum physics actually is, so I won’t try to either. I am impressed, however that a graphic designer, or team of designers, created the image below to illustrate Schrödinger’s cats, which I borrowed from Time magazine:

Put a cat in a box and rig up a contraption involving a hammer, a vial of poison and a quantum triggering device. If an electron is in one position, the hammer will remain safely cocked. But if the electron moves into the opposite location, the hammer will drop, smashing the vial and killing the cat. The laws of quantum mechanics hold that as long as the electron remains undisturbed, it hangs in limbo, occupying both its possible states. The cat, by extension, is both dead and alive.


Impressed? Me, too.


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