How to Design Creative Packaging for Beverages

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Do you have a great idea for creative packaging for your favorite drink? Have you always wanted to learn how to design stunning, portfolio-worthy beverage packaging?

You’re in luck! Jennifer Tausch will be teaching the Beverage Packaging Design Bootcamp starting Monday, August 11 at HOW Design University.

Tausch is the Global Creative Director at LPK, a global brand and package design firm. Before she joined LPK, she was a design manager at Proctor and Gamble. She’s traveled extensively in developed and developing countries and have in-depth knowledge of consumer segments and regional retail channels.

So what will you be doing in the Beverage Packaging Design Bootcamp?

Learn How to Design Creative Packaging for Beverages

In this bootcamp, you’ll create a creative packaging design for a consumer experience at the shelf. You will be given a story that will inspire as well as validate the decisions you make in the creation phase of the package design. In the design practice, you will be able to evaluate what part of this process works best for you and what stimulates your creativity. This bootcamp will challenge your design skills: The mass channel shopping experience and retail environment are crowded, and the time consumers spend in making their selection is short.

This is a hands-on design workshop. You will learn by following a design strategy that has been created for you, and at the end you’ll deliver a full package design case study from concept to development to validation. The bootcamp structure is as close to real-time design as we can get. In our field, our timelines are tight and we are asked to deliver magic at the drop of a hat. This bootcamp emulates that scenario to force you to make decisions quickly and think strategically. Because our time is short, Tausch has prepared whitespace exercises and target customer boards for you to use.

boxed tea matrix from Tausch’s Beverage Packaging Design Bootcamp

You will be deciding between an energy drink or a boxed tea for the package redesign. A successful package design will be revolutionary to the category and evoke a relevant emotional experience for consumers at shelf. The package design will tell a story to the consumer and be validated in context of key inputs. At the end of the bootcamp, you’ll have a great beverage packaging design case study for your portfolio.

Are you ready to start creative creative packaging designs that you can add to your portfolio?

Register for the Beverage Packaging Design Bootcamp with Jennifer Tausch, starting August 11.