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A Tale of Two MessagesOur talented editor at Writer’s Digest, Brian Klems, wrote a brilliant book called Oh Boy, You’re Having a Girl. It’s a great book. He recently created an infographic that he added to his blog that brought helped to bring the book even more alive and explained the premise behind it. As an interested buyer, It helped me to see the story through the eyes of his daughter and not the filter he created as her father. Take a look at the infographic below. It’s a perfect summary of how the book maintains a humorous outlook on dudes, dads and daughters..

Brian Klems

Infographics can be eyecatching and communicate more quickly and efficiently than text alone. The key to a visual information graphic is to communicate quickly, provide key take-aways that can easily be consumed in a matter of minutes, and a clear call to action. Why? Because that is all the time that many influentials can afford to give.

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Infographics were born to evoke feelings, ambiance and more. They say very little. The secret formula to creating good ones start with asking: How can I say this in as little words as possible, letting the image work for me.

Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling by Jason Lankow, Ross Crooks and Josh Ritchie will show you infographics examples for design and how they can transform your marketing efforts. It’s definitely true for The Life of Dad (above). That infographic tells a story that we can all relate to and sets up the promise of the book, a book that challenges a man’s role as dad to one of protector and tea party companion.

Communication motivates, sells, encourages, and more. Visual communication is even more powerful. Learn the key to getting it right.Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling is on sale now for $24.98 (17% off). Gain more eyes (and ears) Buy Now.