Print’s Hand Drawn Illustration Competition Finalists, Set #10

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Portraits by Maayan Pearl (Brooklyn, NY)

Materials used: Staedtler pen and colored pencilsArtist’s statement:

“Portraits” is a series of 40 drawings done with pen and colored pencils. The series was created in less than 24 hours drawing reference from images selected at random from my archives that year. The characters are formed at times by contour lines filled with flat planes of color or the through intricate webs of line filled with a more contemplative palette. The series is a study in portraiture and an exercise in color relationships.


La Piel Afilada, Un Bestiario De Amantes by Montse Bernal (Brooklyn, NY)

Materials used: Pencil and threadArtist’s statement:

This illustration was created for a book about different types of lovers.


Rolly (the portrait of my dog) by Hyesun Park (Seoul, Korea)

Materials used: Acrylic on Canson boardArtist’s statement:

Rolly (My dog) was a small Yorkshire Terrier and she had glossy, fine and silky, blonde hair. One afternoon, I imagined: what if her gorgeous hair grew too fast and long without a break?


Untitled by Colin Boury (Portland, OR)