Print’s Hand Drawn Illustration Competition Finalists, Set #3

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Punks and Pretty by Bee Murphy (Los Angeles, CA)

Materials used: The portraits are created in Illustrator, I draw them with a mouse (despite being encouraged by my friends to get a tablet!)Artist’s statement:

There is something about ‘mousing’ that helps me create them in the virtual digital space. Helps me to simultaneously honor the digital program and exploremy imagination. I find it very interesting to note where the drawing actually happens. Of course I know it happens in my head. The tool shapes the style and outcome of the image to an extent. The message to draw comes from some part of the brain, Where? I don’t know but something about creating these images keeps me connected with that concept… These illustrations are part of an ongoing series to promote my work and explore portraiture. I have had a life long fascination with faces and particularly love work from the renaissance.


Decatur Beerfest Logo, 2010 by Roger Fleming (Decatur, GA)

Materials used: Textures created from a variety of hand stamped wood blocks.Artist’s statement:

Being a kid is the time when everything is possible and anything is an adventure and a beer fest is one of the few chances where an adult can get back to that. I wanted to create a logo that captures that. Inspired by a children’s book illustration from the 60’s, I figured the best way to drive this message home was on the back of a type covered, beer spitting pink elephant. Of course I went ahead and added a turban and twisty mustache just for spice.


Grinder: Creative Arts Expo by Burton Durand (Lafayette, LA)

Materials used: Inked, scanned and screen-printed 1-color on French Paper.Artist’s statement:

“Grinder” is an arts + music + local flavor event put on by a group of artists in Lafayette, Louisiana. I was allowed complete creative freedom with the poster illustration, which meant that I could monkey around with whatever came to mind.


In General by Anna Raff (New York, NY)

Materials used: mixed mediaArtist’s statement:

The sour state of the economy in 2010 brought with it a scarcity of steady illustration assignments. In response, I created Ornithoblogical, a daily blog for my bird-related imagery. And while the visual subject matter focuses on birds, they are really just conduits for broader ideas. Sometimes they are inspired by word play with a particular breed, a random holiday, or occasionally something newsworthy, as in the case with “In General.” It appeared on June 24th, day 177, in response to the trouble stirred up by comments made by General Stanley McChrystal.