Regional Design Awards: 2018 Winner Galleries

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The indisputably marvelous 2018 Regional Design Awards judges—Justin Peters, Rebeca Mendez, Nancy Skolos, Sagi Haviv and CC, Alexander Isley and Chad Michael—consented to live in a design-fueled fever dream as they took a deep dive into the thousands of Regional Design Awards entries submitted this year to bring you their selections for the best American designs of the year.

As in years past, a scan through the collection of submissions is incredibly revealing—in the themes, anomalies and trends that one sees, but also in what one doesn’t see everywhere … but perhaps might next year. No matter your reaction to any particular design you see as you scroll these galleries, it could (intentionally or not) inform, perhaps even subconsciously, what you bring to the world next.

We thank the 2018 panel of judges for their selections—and moreover, we thank the many designers who sent in their work for consideration.

2018 Regional Design Awards Winner Galleries

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