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Advanced Typography design course

Are you looking for a way to bolster your typographic skills and take your typographic design to the next level?

If you’ve learned the basics of typography, you’re primed to leap into Advanced Typography, the latest course from HOW Design University.

As any designer knows, mastering great typography design takes significant dedication and training. Learn the skills you’ll need to earn your place among the top typographic designers by expanding your skillset with Advanced Typography.

Instructor and type expert Denise Bosler will push the limits of your typographic knowledge with real-world design project solutions and hands-on learning.

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In his four-week course, you’ll work with headlines, design an infographic and craft a visual concept for a multipage magazine article.

Denise will show you how to make informed typographic decisions, and she’ll demonstrate how those decisions can create emotional connections with the right typefaces and truly stunning design solutions.

She’ll guide you as you apply your skills in organization, relationships, composition, message, experimentation and using expressive typography to solve complex visual problems. You know the theory, and you understand the art form; now apply your knowledge to advanced typography design.

This course isn’t for beginners. It’s for designers who want to enhance the typographic skills they’ve learned through coursework and experience. In-house and agency designers, creative freelancers and in-house managers can all benefit from this course.

Students will learn how to establish typographic hierarchy through infographic design and how to design for readability and communication. You’ll also the process of developing a visual concept for a multipage design.

If you’re ready to advance your typography design skills, register for Advanced Typography today! Enter code TYPE15 at checkout for 15% off tuition.

Learn more and register here!

By the way, if you’re looking for an excellent typography design course for all skill levels, check out Denise’s other typography course, Mastering Typography! It serves as a great prerequisite for more advanced courses like Advanced Typography. Register today!