Today’s Obsession: Duprat’s Flies

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Photos Jean-Luc Fournier, from Cabinet Magazine

The most intriguing subcurrent of thought I see in work appearing throughout the first ten years of our infant century is “humans are not the ultimate creators.” Over and over again, I see human creators collaborating with the world around them, allowing the world to do what it naturally does with its own talents and graces.

Artist Hubert Duprat does this so delicately with a beautiful collaboration between himself and a group of caddis fly larvae. He gently removes the larvae from their natural casings, and supplies them with materials to build new ones. The larvae are supplied with gold, rubies, turquoise, pearls, and other materials humans find precious. By doing this, the artist raises important questions about the nature of value, the value of non-human ingenuity, curation and education.