UX Design Course Preview: Wireframes and Prototypes

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User-centered web design is in high demand these days. Designers and clients alike are focusing on responsiveness, usability and aesthetics, and learning how to create wireframes and prototypes is the best way to ensure that your web designs cover all three.

In the UX design process, wireframing allows you to structure the information on a website according to a logical hierarchy. It simplifies the process of planning the layout of each page, making your website cohesive and user-friendly. Wireframing is especially useful when designing responsive websites because it enables you to build a website featuring menus and content that are functional and appealing on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

After you’ve created your wireframe, the next step is prototyping. Interactive prototyping lets you and potential users test the functionality of your website on different devices and get feedback about the usability of your design.

From there, interactive prototyping enables you to test the functionality of your website on different devices and make your responsive designs as sleek and user-friendly as possible.


If you’re interested in learning about wireframing and prototyping in depth, check out Patrick McNeil’s HOW U course, Wireframes and Prototypes for Interactive Design. As a follow-up to his Intro to UX Design course, this course will take your basic UX design skills to the next level. It also works great as a standalone course for UX designers who want to hone their skills, or experienced web designers who want to learn the user-centered design process.

In this course, you’ll learn the wireframing and prototyping processes from start to finish. You’ll also learn how to create your of wireframes and prototypes, and you’ll explore best practices to see how these processes fit into in the UX designer’s workflow. Discover how wireframes and prototypes can make you a more productive web designer and streamline your methods with this course.

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Still not sure? Watch this course preview video Patrick made:

The course begins May 26, so register today with code PMCNEIL to get 20 percent off registration! Learn more at HOW Design University.