‘The Book Of The Tree’ Is Rooted In The Meaning Of Art

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Pentagram doesn't ever sleep, right?

The beloved studio just designed a book that encapsulates a range of artworks by many artists. The common denominator of the pieces? They each feature trees. Seeing how different artists view the same thing in different ways is fascinating, and that's just what The Book of the Tree delivers. It goes to show that while we're all living in the same world, we each have a unique perspective, and there's something so special about that.

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way.” William Blake

Conceived, art directed and designed by Angus Hyland, The Book of The Tree is a collection of arboreal artworks created by some of the world’s leading artists, photographers and illustrators.

Trees have provided a source of solace and inspiration for artists throughout history. The book features over 100 illustrations of trees, with Kendra Wilson’s short texts about the artists and their relationship to the trees interspersed throughout. These range from Egon Shiele’s delicate watercolours of chestnut trees to Henri Rousseau’s exotic forests, Claire Cansick’s vivid woodlands and David Hockney’s expressive tree-lined groves.

Designed to appeal to anyone who loves art, trees or nature, the latest in the series (which includes The Book of the Dog, The Book of the Bird, The Book of the Cat and The Book of the Flower) showcases the enduring beauty of our trees, woodlands and forests.

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