Design the Future with Kaspersky Lab and POSSIBLE

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Ever wanted to share your vision of the future?

Well, that’s exactly what Moscow-based digital marketing firm POSSIBLE and cyber security company Kaspersky Lab want you to do in their new project, Earth 2050.

The interactive online portal “invites dreamers, innovators and designers to predict and illustrate the future” using technology that was inspired by Google Street View and PC games like UFO and Civilization.


“We want you to enter the website and get wonderfully stuck,” says Arthur Pechorin, senior producer on the project. “We want you to fall into a world where you are wrapped up in beautiful illustrations created by professional designers and ordinary people and [read] thought-provoking predictions from famous futurologists.”

Kaspersky paired with POSSIBLE to celebrate their 20th anniversary and raise awareness about the potential cyber security issues the future may bring. Both companies invite users to discuss the opportunities and threats that the future may hold by designing futuristic cities.

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“The idea was to consolidate futurologists and visionaries in their ambition to describe a future world,” says POSSIBLE Moscow creator Marat Arutyunov. “We see lots of scientists and futurologists tell us about the future, whilst designers, artists and illustrators upload their works to places like Behance. We wanted to combine them, creating a single web platform where all the predictions and images can be showcased.”

Try your hand at designing a bit of the future at


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