Hollywood NYC: James Victore, The Cowboy

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In PRINT’s Spring 2016 Issue, we present to you over 50 practitioners of communication and graphic design who have earned fame in the design world and beyond. They are famous not because they are famous but because of what they’ve achieved and accomplished. They have created and innovated new ways of practicing and performing and writing about design. In doing so, they have helped redesign how we think about design in our culture and the world.


James Victore is many things to many people—artist, outspoken educator, person who draws on supermodels, revolutionary—but at Print, we like to think of him, simply, as a cowboy (and not just because he recently began splitting his time between New York and Texas). As head of

James Victore Inc., he has maintained a hard-edged honesty and authenticity to his style without compromise. And he looks damn good in a cowboy hat and comically large belt buckle.

“Often I am told by young designers that they wish to ‘someday’ be as brave and as opinionated in their work as I am,” he says. “I have to ask them why they are waiting. I guess that’s the Cowboy spirit identified here.”

His best advice to designers?

“Bring the fire. Bring the fire that quite frankly God gave you.”

A selection of work by James Victore:

New York Times Magazine cover, 2006

New York Times Magazine cover, 2006


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