Cameron Moll on the Evolving Design Industry

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Cameron Moll isn’t your average web designer. In fact, nothing Cameron touches appears to be average. He’s a big name in the industry—and for good reason. This guy has had his hand in so many things, yet he manages to balance his success with a very grounded and humble approach to the world.

Cameron Moll

We’ve been fans of Cameron Moll’s for some time now, which is part of why Print’s sister brand, HOW, has been partnering with him (and other accomplished, working designers) to maintain a pulse on the industry.

What DO interactive designers need and want to learn?

Cameron Moll has been an instrumental part of our successes with the HOW Interactive Design events over the last few years. That’s why for the fourth annual event, we tapped Cameron as a resource once again—this time as an Advisory Board member—to weigh in on what he sees throughout the design landscape.

The beauty of the HOW Interactive Design Conference series is that it’s the only web event catering to designers. Yes, other web design conferences may touch on subjects and topics that are important to designers, but HIDC is curated with designers’ needs front and center.

Cameron Moll

Cameron Moll works on everything from letterpress art to mobile—so he can relate to practically any designer in the field (and the challenges you face).

He’s been designing for the web since the dot-com boom of the late 90s …

It’s been a roller coaster ride of spacer gifs, Flash intros, table layouts and all of the fantastic techniques that have since replaced those not-so-savvy techniques. My how the industry is different today, and what a ride it’s been adapting to it.

So Why the HOW Interactive Design Conference Series?

This year’s event programming is nothing shy of remarkable. “I think this year’s speaker lineup is our best yet,” says Cameron. (And, that’s coming from a source who’s been part of these events since the beginning).

The evolving nature of the web industry means every new year brings new challenges, and that keeps speakers (and conference organizers) on their toes for providing new research, new technology and new thinking. -Cameron Moll

We know that there are plenty of web events to choose from, and we’re keenly aware of the challenges designers face in choosing events. So what makes HIDC an event above other web conferences?

“HOW does an outstanding job of helping accomplished and novice designers alike make the transition to interactive design,” Cameron says, “and they increase the knowledge and skills of those who have already made the leap.”

So basically wherever you are on the print to interactive design spectrum, the HOW Interactive Design shows are tailored to you. We take the same diligent approach used when producing HOW Design Live, only the HIDC series has an interactive design focus.

Join Cameron Moll and the industry’s best and brightest this fall.