Design Stars to Headline HOW Design Live

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Most of us have “design heroes.” I know I do. The first time I witnessed Jessica Walsh on stage, talking about her childhood love of building websites, or when I came face to face with the likes of Stanley Hainsworth, I was moved. It may sound clichéd, but those individuals have shaped and continue to shape my understanding of art, design and the world.

When the team here at HOW, Print’s sister brand, is putting together the programming for HOW Design Live, we lean on our own design heroes to guide us and inform our selections. Our team crafts a list of heroes we’d like to see rock the stage as keynote presenters, and we wait in eager anticipation for their responses to our invitation.

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This year, we’re pretty excited to toot our own horns, if you will, because we’ve secured some heavy hitters for the 2015 HOW Design Live Chicago event, taking place next May. We’ve been touting that “it keeps getting better.” Well, I think we’re proving it is with this mighty list of inspirational individuals from within the world of design – and reaching beyond.

Design Stars to Headline HOW Design Live 2015


Jessica Walsh — The work coming from Sagmeister & Walsh is absolutely something to behold. Stefan found his match when he pulled rising star Jessica Walsh into his firm, and it’s been an upward climb ever since. Get ready to see this award-winning designer share the story behind her amazing career, and what’s next for the dynamic duo.

Michael Bierut — Bierut has many claims to design fame, including his role in acclaimed design firm, Pentagram’s New York office, and his experience co-founding A teacher at the Yale School of Art, Bierut spends time shaping young designers’ minds — and we couldn’t be more eager to hear from him on Pentagram’s rebranding of the international law firm White + Case.

Tom Peters — Most of us know Tom Peters for his bestselling book In Search of Excellence, but his body of work speaks to how we can all be better at what we do. Designers, thought leaders, writers and professional communicators: Peters will help us all be more successful in our day-to-day.

Matteo Bologna — Bologna has been a major asset to the HOW family for some time, and for good reason. His gorgeous typographic work with his firm Mucca Design has made him a stand-out in the industry. His multidisciplinary training across design to illustration prepared him to work on brand giants like Adobe Systems, Target and more. If you haven’t experienced Bologna before, be prepared for a session full of gusto and exquisite design.

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Aaron Draplin — Witnessing Aaron Draplin is the closest thing to a rock concert I can imagine at a design event. His “here I am” authentic approach to his life and design work is absolutely invigorating. A HOW Design Live fan favorite, Draplin offers a rugged yet polished take on print work – and his attitude of “gratitude for design” is helplessly contagious. You don’t want to miss this one.

Wait — Yes, there’s more. Jessica Helfand, Michael Hendrix and Simon Sinek are also on the docket … and we could keep going …

Consider this your personal invitation. Join us for a rare opportunity to experience these and other design heroes. Register now.