Designing Away the Empathy Gap: Dan Hon at HIDC

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If you’re an interactive designer, or you design across platforms that include digital, you know that this brave new world of technology can change at break-neck speed. Best practices become obsolete almost as soon as you get a handle on them, and that’s part of why designers are so well-suited to such an environment. We’re consistently pushed to learn, grow and stretch our skills.

What Makes HOW Interactive Design Conference Unique?

That’s where we come in. The HOW Interactive Design Conference was developed for people like you: designers. In fact, it’s the only web conference focusing on design and the design process. Our goal wasn’t just to help graphic designers like you learn the latest developments in web design, we strive to give you the tools you need to stay current in an ever-shifting landscape.

At this year’s three HIDC events, you’ll learn a combination of big-picture theory—including new ways to think about design as it pertains to on-screen creation—as well as specific, up-to-the-minute strategies revealed by expert speakers working at the leading edge of interactive design.

Featured Speaker: Expert Dan Hon on the “Empathy Gap”

Dan Hon

Dan Hon is an award-winning interactive creative director who specializes in video games, play, cross-platform entertainment and new ways of storytelling. At Dan’s Washington, D.C. session, Designing Away the Empathy Gap, you’ll learn why empathy is a core business value—and why, far from being a “mushy” emotion, it’s the key to a business’s staying power and the central element in designing user interactions that result in increased sales and satisfied customers.

Meet the other interactive design experts you’ll learn from at HOW Interactive Design Conference, Washington, D.C.

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