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This year’s HOW Interactive Design Conference speaker lineup is our best yet. Guided by working practitioners, you’ll explore web design theory and real-world strategies to invigorate your design life. Register by July 31 for the Early Bird discount.

When is the last time you were swept away in interactive wonder? As designers, we’re commonly appointed the masters of inspiration, right?

We’re the ones responsible for spurring on the masses with our countless creations. Comp this, redesign that. Concepts, wireframes. Turn sketches into living, breathing tech. Of course, making things that inspire, educate and empower others is absolutely gratifying and rewarding… But where’s our inspiration? We garner creativity and vision from the world around us—in nature, art, music and from within—and we see it in our families and friends.

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But the single greatest source of design inspiration resides in other designers. Bring together the practitioners, the working designers, the creative ranks—and you’ll encounter the magic. The synergy. You’ll bear witness to an exchange of ideas and positions, tools and tactics. You’ll feel it in that rush of adrenaline you experience when a fellow designer cares about the exact same things you do. And you just met.

Here at HOW, we’ve mastered the art of inspiration. We nurture that spark you dig deep for when you’re back at your desk, and we help you keep it bright and alive. And we love doing it.

Our track record speaks for itself: world class events with world class speakers. If you’re familiar with HOW Design Live, the largest annual gathering of professional designers, you’ve experienced the value of an event that successfully brings together inspiration and practical knowledge. We reinvigorate designers to approach their work with new energy and insights.

Be Inspired by the Best in Interactive Design

Now for the fourth year, we’re bringing you the HOW Interactive Design Conference, the web event aimed specifically at designers’ needs. We listened to your requests for more interactive content and we’re delivering with a three-city series, allowing us a chance to dive deeper into web design—while maintaining the delicate balance of invigoration and information.

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This year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the HOW Interactive Design Conference series program director, Chris Butler, and our advisory board, Karen McGrane, Cameron Moll and David Sherwin, to carefully craft an event program that will foster your growth, inform your future design practice and, of course, provide that shot-in-the-arm you need to perform and challenge yourself. We’re committed to experiencing the best in interactive design, surrounding you with likeminded professionals facing similar design problems and helping you arrive at the best outcomes and solutions.

What happens when designers come together to share ideas, processes and excitement for the next advancement in the profession? I think it’s time you find out the endless possibilities for yourself.At HOW Interactive, we aim to not just educate designers—but also inspire you. We’re inviting you to get swept away with us this fall …

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Join us in Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco or all three cities. Be sure to register by July 31 to save $100.