June 2010

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Milton Glaser, this issue’s cover artist, sits down for an interview after becoming the first graphic designer to win the National Arts Award, recognized for his achievement by President Obama himself. “The fact that it has become a benediction is important,” Glaser says. “Officially linking graphic design with painting, music, etc. says that it’s not a subset—that design affects the culture.” Be sure to check out Glaser’s five biggest influences.

Elsewhere, we asked 12 designers to design a limited-edition custom tote bag for their favorite charity, and all the proceeds will go to the cause that they choose. Featuring Ed Fella, Si Scott, Geoff McFetridge, Büro Destruct, Deanne Cheuk, Christoph Niemann, and many others. See the complete list. You can order them exclusively from My Design Shop.


Table of Contents for June 2010:


Side by Side

Six renowned couples, including Abbott Miller and Ellen Lupton (above), talk about their relationship with design and with each other.

Follow the Leader

A living example for designers, Milton Glaser tells us about his own role models.

Carry Hope

Some of our favorite designers create tote bags for charity.

Featuring: Atelier Télescopique, Büro Destruct, Christoph Niemann, Deanne Cheuk, Ed Fella, Geoff McFetridge, HORT, James Joyce, Laurent Fetis, Rick Valicenti, Si Scott, Spin/Tony Brook, our submit-your-own contest winners Sawdust, and honorable mentions Sneaky Raccoon and Monochromats.

Earthly Delights

With her lush colors and quiet sense of joy, the illustrator Maira Kalman creates a world we want to inhabit.

By Peter Terzian

Print in Motion

We share eye-popping visuals from the five winners of our Print in Motion competition.


Up FrontLetters for the birds, A.R. (augmented reality, that is) on newsstand fire.

Shelf Life

James Victore’s titles for David Byrne (left), the expanded reissue of Spiritualized’s 1997 album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, and Peter Mendelsund crowdsources a manga cover.

By Debbie Millman, Claire Lui, and Douglas Wolk


Jobs Saves?

If the iPad saves publishing, can it save publishing design?

By Khoi Vinh


Sound Effects

A former Print creative director reflects on the love affair between design and music.

By Steven Brower


Steven Heller interviews Reto Caduff about the documentary biopic of Herbert Matter.


Show and Tell

Aren’t pictures worth a thousand words?

By Rick Poynor


World in Your Hand

The bygone romance of travel lives on in the author’s father’s collection of passports, luggage labels, and boarding passes.

By Penny Wolfson

Best Practices

Bigger Gets Better

Three large corporations are making green a priority.

By Jeremy Lehrer

Back Issue

July/August 1977: Vol. 31, No. 4

How Hitchcock got his start in graphic design.

By Martin Fox



Triboro Design Solutions’ leftover, Fwis’ smutty typeface, the facial hair of Lee Clow, and the World’s Largest Picture.


The TypeDNA font tool for CS4.

By Patric King and Su

Hot Type

Priori Acute Serif

By Paul Shaw


Reviews of Limited Language and Data Flow 2

By Sarah Zimmerman and Laurel Dammann

End Product

Mirror Homage

Anne Carson’s NOX

By Sarah Zimmerman

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