Motion Graphics for the Print Designer

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Motion graphics. Animation. UX design. Each one of these buzzwords is sure to elicit some sort of response from designers. Like the transition from Quark to InDesign back in the day, there comes a point where you’re either in the loop or left behind. Maybe you’re thinking you’d like to do something like this:

AIS Do More Animation from Sean Brodbeck and Power Design on Vimeo.

Maybe you want to do something less involved. Either way, think of familiarizing yourself with motion graphics and animation in the same way a print designer might think about coding. Is it something you should be well-versed in? Because that seems like quite a time commitment… Is it something you need to know a little bit about? That seems easier, but it’s less clear where you should start. Maybe you can get away with using programs like Adobe Muse that take the fuss out of interactive design? It could work, but will it be as good as the real deal?


The same “self conversation” applies when contemplating your relationship to motion graphics. In the range of “well-versed” to “finding programs that do it for you,” where you need to be depends on your job description. It also depends on whether you’re interested in picking up a new skill or adding to your marketability, but what it shouldn’t depend on is not knowing where to start.


Sean Brodbeck, a HOW Design University instructor and web designer/developer, can attest to that. In fact, he is offering a new course on Adobe After Effects that makes the art of animation simple. The best part? Four weeks later, you have a new skill set and a kick-ass portfolio piece. As he puts it:

Whether you’re curious as to how those title sequences, logos or infographics were animated or you simply want to learn the software, this hands-on, information-packed course will give you a strong understanding of After Effects. At the end of the course, you’ll have created an animation from start to finish—and lived to tell your friends about it!

Ready to take the leap? Check out Sean’s upcoming course on HOW Design University.