Obsessions: May 3, 2010

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 OMGodsies! Very Mary Kate.

Have you been reading Ask H&FJ? You should be. The blog is smart, friendly, funny, and informative at the same time. It’s a slow mover, which I’m more than okay with—they publish about a post a month, and I’m a big fan of the blog that lets you think about what you’ve just read. The subject matter usually (for obvious reasons) incorporates their own typography, but in a way that the garden-variety salesperson can’t. They assume their reader is not only a customer, but a smart, curious reader. The work, when it’s shown, is always presented in the context of something interesting elsewhere. Soft sell!

Hey, do you love electronic dance music as much as Su and I do? I doubt it. It’s okay, you can try! I recently found a great little label, mostly minimal, techno, and tech house—but all of it with a serious dose of Cuban sensibilities. It’s called Pet Food; one of my other house fiend friends here in town turned me onto it. Most of the house I’ve been hearing over the past few years has been Latino in inspiration, but usually implemented in really schlocky ways—big, brassy horn sections, Spanish guitar (even worse: occasionally fake Spanish guitar), and lots of castanets. Shakira times 30 with more hips and unfortunately lies as well. But this is simple, kinda loud, and elegant in its intent to dance. Lots of freely downloadable mixes on their Soundcloud page as well. Great music to design to!

Neat little tool here to spit out CSS for various round-cornered boxes. That’s all it does, but that’s okay—the code is tedious to write by hand. You can choose how you want your code—for Webkit, CSS3, and Gecko. Written, considerately, by Jacob Bijani.

Very Mary Kate has kept me laughing for weeks now. It’s a series of short videos portraying Mary Kate Olson as a sad little confused Eeyore, a girl with no purpose in life and too many resources to buy whatever she wants. There are, of course, lots of scenes with her sister Ashley, a date with Zac Efron, and her moral grounding force, Bodyguard. Mary Kate is written and played by actress Elaine Carroll.