Obsessions: June 28, 2010

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Patricia Field

The Well-Appointed Desk is a new blog from Ana Reinert, collector of many, many interesting obsessions. (I know this because Ana and I have been friends for more than half our lives.) This particular obsession is the pursuit of all things to create a peaceful, beautiful place to work and create.

True Burger in Oakland has one of the best examples of dry-witted typographic camp I’ve seen this year.

If you’ve been watching the release of Apple’s iPhone 4, you probably already know they issued a press release regarding their antenna problems essentially amounting to “you’re holding your phone wrong.” Now while I’m sure this will end up in yet another round if shrill jeers hurled Apple’s way, I was more interested in finding the rationale behind that claim from another knowledgeable phone designer—and here it is.

At Control, the Dutch game developers’ magazine, there’s a fascinating collection of images: the first (hand-drawn! on graph paper!) sketches for Pac-Man.

PopMatters has a fascinating look at lesbians in fashion. Largely unrecognized, many are front-page names we’d all recognize, but never would know as out and gay women. Icons from Patricia Field, who clothed Sex and the City to Beth Ditto, rubenesque fashion muse, are bound together in a common sisterhood.

Betsy Walton’s drawings merge the ghostliness of Japanese watercolor with the crude forms of American primitive folk art in a beautiful portfolio of drawings filled with gentle pastels and bright, happy fluorescent accents.

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