Obsessions: March 15th, 2010

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Thumbnail for Regional Design Awards: 2018 Winner Galleries

Noferin, the husband and wife duo who created the enormously popular PecanPals and Jibibuts toy lines, are also extremely active on Twitter. Follow @noferin and use their stream as keys to new artists you might not otherwise have found. Through them, I’ve found @podgypanda, the screen name for Richard Kuoch, a very talented character designer, and Freshcharacters, a community specifically for character designers.

Harmony, a procedural drawing tool, allows you to lose control of your medium, which is hosted online and built entirely in HTML5, and generates lovely, spidery forms as you draw them. It’s actually just one of a larger set of experiments Ricardo Cabello hosts at his site, most of which have his significant narrative and authorial skills embedded in them. Back out to the top level of his domain to see them all. You can also follow him on Twitter for a more live experience.

Abigail Reynolds creates stunning cut and folded paper sculptures from existing photography, which challenge the viewer’s spatial skills and add a new element of color and form to the previous constructions. Her projects are frequently made of reused materials and older pieces of art, reconstructed into a more environmental form—telling us about the waves of information we live in. The idea behind this I like best is the notion that no art is ever really finished.