Obsessions: May 10th, 2010

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Lost Zombies

My copy of Henry and Glenn Forever hasn’t arrived in the mail, but I am waiting with baited breath. It’s a sweetly weird story of a re-imagined Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig, major objects of 1980’s teenaged gay punk lust, locked together in a committed, loving relationship. There’s a quote from Rollins reading, “has Glenn seen this? Trust me, he would not be impressed.” Fan Slash grows up!

Here’s a free set of vector-based social media service logotypes in square icon form. No more scouring the web!

God, I love Axe advertising. Wouldn’t wear the swill if you paid me, but their ads are such a perfect look at young men: hot, agile, virile, and willing to take the piss out of anything. Here’s their latest: sofasaurus. Created by Ponce Buenon Aires—brilliant use of CG. As a side note, it’s interesting that CG is used primarily to create a sense of wonderment in the movies, but hilarity in advertising. Weird attitude difference, right?

Lost Zombies is, um, a social network. Really! The goal is to crowdsource a zombie documentary from disparate sources, and so far the results are pretty fantastic. There’s documentary footage of abandoned, overrun cities, notes spattered with blood and brains, and some of the darkest jokes I’ve ever seen (“If you’re reading this, then Dave’s dead. Sorry about your couch.” Including a picture of a couch with a bloody chunk pulled out of the headrest.) All of it richly moody and actually, quite reminiscent of an intensely macabre Joseph Cornell piece. I found the network because it has gorgeous iPad and iPhone apps showing all the works.

Here’s a fascinating article in The New York Times about design and morality, actually a quasi-review of Robert Grudin’s “Design and Truth.” He speaks of examples of designers standing up and falling down on the job, essentially keeping design pure in its goals rather than a client’s excesses. The lesson is a good one, even if the examples are a bit heavy-handed.

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